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Meet the Boyles



Mike has served in the United States Coast Guard for almost 30 years. He plans to finish his military career in the next few years, and enjoying retirement by traveling around the country and seeing the sights. Mike has an extensive background in technology, electronics, and law enforcement. His passions are problem solving and smoking meats, which he would say are one-in-the-same! Mike is the go-to around these parts for all things, as he is a subject matter expert on just about every topic! Have a question? Ask the Chief!

Stephanie is the co-founder and Chief Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service Officer for a specialty metal manufacturer. She works from home (or on the road!) and will sometimes tow her work in a 16' cargo trailer behind "Blue", her Jeep Gladiator. Stephanie's passions are being a helper and cheerleader to those around her, and sometimes making home-made ravioli and pretending she'll open a food truck one day! Ask Stephanie questions about organization and how to get the kids schooled on the road!





Brennan is our first-born, and this year will be 14! He'll be entering Laurel Springs High School this next school year as a freshman, and loves all things coding and development. Brennan has been playing guitar for 8 years and absolutely loves to rock out for those around him. His passions are Boy Scouts, Minecraft, music, and being an overprotective big brother to Finn and Dobby. He loves to laugh, has a heart of gold, and embodies all twelve points of the Scout Law.

Finn is going to be 11 years old this year, and he is entering the 6th grade at Laurel Springs Elementary. He is out prankster and practical joker, but he's loyal and trustworthy, like a good Boy Scout. Finn's passions are Scouts, Minecraft, and playing piano, which he's done for almost 5 years now. He loves to play classical music, and loves to make people laugh. He is an amazing caretaker to his little brother, Dobby.





Dobby, our House Elf, will be 1 on August 7th. He's a red Goldendoodle and loves nothing more than to play and snuggle. Of all the boys in the house, Dobby is probably the best behaved! His passions are fetch, snuggle-time, and doing tricks for snackies. He loves to eat the smoked meats his Daddy makes, even if makes him turn his nose up at his normal food from time to time!



HOP is a play on words for us: hop in the truck, and hops for beer brewing!

Mike loves to brew beer at home. He's so good at it, there's almost no brew he can't do! Our keezer (beer freezer) at home has 5 taps of beer, one nitro beer, and one nitro coffee cold brew. Seven taps at the Boyle home, perfect for a flight of home brewed hoppy goodness! 


I started pinning my map the moment we got stationed in New York. We spent 4 years there, and my map is full of hearts for the adventures I've been on, and green flags for my to-do list should we ever be stationed there again.


If I were to zoom out on my Google Maps you'd see "want to go" pinned flags all over the world. Start planning your next adventure!


GO on your adventure!

What are you waiting for? We only have this ONE life, so get going already! It doesn't matter if you're going down the street, taking a hike, going for a bike ride, or packing up the RV and getting on the road. Just go. Plan your adventure AND GO. There's nothing stopping you - even geocaching is free! We have LOTS of geocaching planned everywhere we visit.

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