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The Coast Guard is moving us this summer and our new duty station will be Cape May, NJ! Which is AMAZING!!! UNLESS you're a FULL TIME RV family, like we will be when we get to Cape May.

Cape May is a seasonal area, which means all of the campgrounds within 30 miles of the Coast Guard base are only open April 1 - October 31st. And some campgrounds aren't even open that long!

So what do you do if you are a full time RV family? You are forced to relocate about an hour away from the Coast Guard base on November 1st. The only problem.... there are only 3 campgrounds 45 miles away that will fit a 45' rig. And of those campgrounds, one of them only has TWO sites that will fit a rig that large! That's pretty stressful.

But, being in the Coast Guard you learn to Semper Paratus (be Always Ready), and solve one problem at a time.

The first problem: finding a seasonal site that will fit a 45' rig so we have somewhere to live when we move to Cape May this July.... And that was this video! Within a 20 minute commute to Mikes work are about a zillion campgrounds... and only 4 of them will fit a 45' rig. So, with that in mind, we made the trip to Cape May and made plans to tour all 4 locations: Holly Shores, Beachcombers, Acorn, and Seaville Shores.

The first stop: Holly Shores (for this driving tour in our video - skip to 4:35) -- GORGEOUS. This location is well maintained and beautiful. Wide roads, clean, paved and well-kept gravel roads, kid and pet friendly, huge transient sites.... When Mike and I drove through Holly Shores we couldn't imagine a place better and we were ready to put the money down on a seasonal site there. It was only because we wanted to get to Acorn Campground to meet Iona, the amazingly helpful and friendly manager, that we stopped at the campground around the corner from Holly Shores: Beachcomber.

Beachcomber is as close to a Jellystone as you can get without calling it by that name. Every weekend throughout the season of Beachcomber is a detailed themed event for kids; probably the most kid friendly resort in all of Cape May. With a beach, lake, kayaking, fishing ponds, huge lake slide, AND themed weekends of events and fun, Beachcomber was the place to be if you have kids. We were hoping to get a driving tour of the place, but they were not allowing cars to drive through while they were upgrading their wifi. They DID allow us to walk through the park and told us where we would be located... and the site was magical. We left there feeling like the much higher cost was worth it just to see the kids light up for the season.

I was chomping at the bit to get to Iona and Acorn Campgrounds, so we made that our next stop. Iona couldn't have been friendlier. She gave us several potential sites and allowed us to drive around. It was raining so hard our dashcam wasn't offering very good footage, so we did not include the driving tour of Acorn, although it seemed like a nice place if you maybe didn't have kids and wanted to have a little more privacy or quiet. The site we fell in love with had enough room for the Luxe, the cargo trailer, both trucks, and anything we wanted to put outside.

Mike and I sat in the Jeep and thought long and hard about what this transition was going to look like for the boys: our first time FULL TIME RV living... in a new state... new Boy Scout Troops... long term virtual school... no friends... and we decided that the best thing to do was to make this season, this new transition, the most exciting it could possibly be. It broke my heart to drive away from Acorn knowing it was the right decision for Mike and myself, but the right thing to do by the boys was to make this new transition as FUN as it could POSSIBLY be. We entered the coordinates into the GPS and made our way back to Beachcomber.

And that's where you'll find us this year! Somewhere in the masses of seasonal and transient RVs, campers, tents, and cabins! We still have tons of plans to see the sites and do the trips, but this season (until October 31st) is for the boys.

Watch our 10 minute here!

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