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Amazon Finds That We LOVE

Over the past couple of years we've tried and tested a ton of Amazon products for our old Travel Trailer, Rainmaker, and these are products that we are still using today in our fifth-wheel, Morpheus. I want to make sure that we highlight some of the absolute best stuff from each category, and why we feel it's important for every day use, too, so if you're in the market for some new items and ideas, definitely give these suggestions a try!

Every photo on this blog post, and blue word in the text, has a clickable link to items in our Amazon Shop!


Some of our favorite kitchen accessories seem simple, but have really made our RV living easier in some way. From the dual waffle maker (both kids have a waffle ready at the same time!!), to the floating knife holder to save precious counter space, each item on this list has been tested by us. The plastic, 3M velcro is my go-to for anything I want to stick long-term without drilling into a wall; our floating knife holder is hanging on the wall held up only by this velcro! And the induction plate and corresponding pan are excellent to not burn through propane, or to bring easy cooking outdoors. The hot plate gets so hot that I feel like it boils water in moments! It also puts the perfect sear on scallops (we cook those outside to prevent unwanted smells in Morpheus)! A new player to our kitchen this year was the Bartesian; a mixed drink machine where you fill the bottles with the liquor of your choice, and insert pods (much like that famous pod coffee machine!) into the Bartesian. The pods have mixed juices and flavors in them, and they mix with the alcohol automatically to pour the perfect drink every time! With a little bit of precious counter space being taken by the Bartesian and the Mr Coffee Hot & Iced Coffee maker, we decided to move our bananas up to the under cabinet to keep them hanging, and out of way on the counters. The last super notable thing on our short list: the clear lid to the 6qt Instant Pot. Perfect for using your instant pot as an every day pot or slow cooker and being able to see inside while you cook!


Here are some our very favorite bedroom and living space accessories! The small, oscillating, countertop fan is perfect to keep air moving in the bedroom, and I love the remote because I never remember to turn it on until I get in bed! We have this Bose speaker in our bedroom that Bluetooths to our TV -- just remember to download the app and password protect the bluetooth! We have echo shows all around the RV so we can link in to chat with the boys if Mike and I are out at work, and the counter holder and undercabinet holder work great to keep them in their place. I think one of my favorite items here is the sticky wall mount shoe rack in the boys' room! They come in a 2-pack, so both boys have all their shoes up and off the floor! We have ALL of their shoes off the floor and stuck to the wall and they've stayed put perfectly! The Dyson wall mount charger with the accessory holder is AMAZING -- just be sure to double check if your Dyson is the V10 or the V11 so you get the correct charging port. And speaking of things that are stuck to the wall, that mop and broom holder are a favorite for keeping all of our handled cleaning supplies in one place and out of the way. Lastly, we LOVE that mini space heater for the winter! It does an incredible job of taking the chill out of the air in the boys' room and not using a ton of electricity and making it oppressive in the back. An absolute must-have for cold weather RV living! As you can probably see by now, anything that gets stuff off the floor, out of a cabinet, and off the counter, by being stuck to a wall is a WIN for me!


I am so excited for this section! My favorite things in the outdoor section are the projector and movie screen for outdoor moving watching!! This projector has surprisingly clear videos and has an internal Amazon firestick with wifi capabilities! You can watch any movie or show from this internal firestick that you normally would inside! And the screen is taut, so there are no annoying wrinkles while you movie watch. A family favorite is this outdoor pizza oven! We have made some amazing gourmet pizzas this past summer with this thing, and while the handle is a tad wonky, it makes AMAZING pizza! Heads up -- you'll need pellets to make it work! Another bundle of awesome if you love camp-cooking -- the Dutch oven and Tripod. Our boys make the best paella and campfire stew in our Dutch oven, hanging from that tripod hook, over the campfire! Other notables on this list - the SoloStove - which is pretty fantastic at creating smokeless campfires... the Green Mountain Grill, which is our go-to for smoking and grilling while on the road.... and the Traeger, which is our stationary grill/smoker while we're parked longterm at Beachcomber! Silly, but worth mentioning -- do you see those hook thingies? They are magnetic and we keep a few sets of 2 on the side metal stairs. We hang our shoes and flipflops on them so they are off the ground and can drain easily when it rains. Silly, I know, but pretty great!


This section is really Mike's arena so I can't say too much about it since I don't really know his process -- but here is the little I DO know: That brush is the softest brush ever, and if you can keep grime and sand and debris out of it, you can get the most beautiful wash on your rig you've ever seen! Seals and lubes and waxes all make a ton of sense, so I really don't have much to add about those!


Here we go! I have some faves here for sure! Those headphone things are called AfterShokz, and they aren't really headphones! They sit around the back of your head and fit over the ear in a way you don't even feel them! You can hear everyone talking to you in the room, AND the music or phone call vibrating on the outside of your ear with perfect clarity. They are water resistant, and are excellent at staying in place during workouts, too! My DAILY go to, for sure! The boys each have their own laptop and stand alone monitor so they can work across two screens. The gaming headphones with mic are their favorite while they play Valorant on the computer with their gaming friends. The stand alone mic is my favorite tool for dubbing over our videos with chit chat! Finally, and this is more for the ladies -- this amazing hair curling wonder tool takes the work out of curling! My hands aren't able to keep up with a standard curling iron, but this tool magically sucks up your hair and makes the most beautiful, long lasting curls I've been able to make by myself. It's pure sorcery, and I LOVE it!

And that's it! If you'd like to look through our shop and click around at all of our recommendations, you can find it by clicking HERE -- and every purchase earns us a tiny kickback that we can put into a new adventure with the boys! We appreciate your support!

If you think of anything we absolutely MUST try please let us know! We love recommendations and follow so many of our RVing friends and what they use and provide wisdom on in their videos.

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