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KOA: Naples Maine

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Clean, Large Sites, Excellent Park for Kids

When we pulled into this nearly hidden KOA entrance I was a little concerned. The entrance is lined on both sides with all full time RVs with porches, patios, decks, and gazebos. All I could picture was how our kids were going to annoy the daylights out of these residents who may likely be shuddering at the sight of out-of-state-plates.

I could not have been more wrong! We turned a corner and were immediately greeted by the friendliest KOA representative who was eager to have people checking in. They were ready for us the moment we pulled up, escorted us to a lovely site in a newly renovated area of the KOA campgrounds, and walked us through the backup process. He was excited to tell the kids about a Ninja Warrior event going on the next afternoon and advised them to "train" today. Adorable.

Our RV is nestled between two full time living fifth wheels, and these residents weren't the slightest bit phased to have two kids wandering and exploring next door. Our site (804) backs up to the woods, with a full open area to play. The kids enjoyed kicking a soccer ball and throwing their frisbee -- and then the realized there was a HUGE play area at the end of our street. It was dinnertime when we saw them again! Brand new equipment and inflatable water slides occupied the kids until the ran came on the third day.

We rode our RAD power bikes to the end of the street to locate the kids at the park and caught this sunset:

We are parked diagonally across the street from the bathhouse -- and it is the cleanest bathroom I think I've ever entered. Not even a cobweb. Remarkable.

The next morning we ventured into Portland to eat some lobstah and drink some beers. The street where you can find Allagash Brewing Company is also where you can find 5 or 6 other breweries -- most of which were open and doing outdoor seating and tastings with a few food trucks throughout the parking lots.

Foundation Brewing, Definitive Brewing, Battery Steele, and Allagash were the beers were sampled on the street. We took home some stickers, a couple of hats which were too cute to pass up, and several 4 packs of beers we tried or wanted to sample that they didn't have on tap.

The boys drank some Maine blueberry soda and nearly exploded from happiness!

We sampled some lobstah rolls from the Bite Into Maine food truck and couldn't believe that three tiny lobster rolls could be so different from one another and also SO tasty!

From Left to Right:

Picnic (lobster and coleslaw)

Connecticut (lobster and butter with a lettuce leaf)

Maine (lobster, mayo, chives)

The boys begged us for "real ice cream", so we pinned a spot on google maps and navigated to Lakeside Dairy Bar for some delicious treats.

After a day of tasting the things and exhausting the kiddos, we took the scenic way home, admiring the properties for sale and day dreaming about paving a small pad with full hookups for summertime living.

The next day the kids had breakfast and were out the door to the park before we finished our morning coffee. When they came home starving and looking for food, we loaded them into the truck for another trip to Portland - this time down to the waterfront - where we had J's Oysters, and Finn ate his first oyster ever! Fortunately (unfortunately for us) he LOVED it -- and now the delicacy Mike and I secretly hoarded while the kids ate starter salads now must be shared with ravenous wolves who obsessively suck down these ocean meats like sipping water through a straw.

Mike knows the way to my heart is through the ocean, so after we filled our bellies with lobster, crab, oysters, and some delicious cake slices by Janet at Portland Cake Company, Mike drove us down to the Portland lighthouse where the kids and I took photos on the rocks, and Mike grabbed some video of the waves crashing at the base of the bluffs.

There's still more adventuring to be had here in Naples before we head north in a day and half -- I wonder what will be on our map pin-list! Check out our youtube video at and see in detail what life is like in Portland and Naples, Maine!

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