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Harvest Host: Middleburgh Winery

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Quaint, Sweet, and Delicious

Tucked away down a quaint road is the cutest winery you have ever seen. Middleburgh winery is owned by Tonda and her husband, Don, and they have the sweetest and friendliest way about them. The gravel lot is nestled between two vine crops, and is wide enough to comfortably fit two RVs.

We were the only RV staying at Middleburgh on this day, and although social distancing is keeping this business on restricted days and hours, Tonda and Don gave us a tour and opened up for a delicious tasting of their sweet wines. Mike and I paid for the wine tasting: 4 tastes (some white, some red) and ended up buying 3 bottles to drink back at the trailer over the next leg of the trip to Maine.

We grabbed two half-and-half wine slushies from their red and white mine mix, which was so sweet and refreshing on this hot day! We wanted to run back up and refill our cups!

The winery does not have food on the premises, but Tonda recommended a local pizza place, Hubie's, so we went and gave it a try. Listen here: you will love this pizza. You will LOVE this pizza! We got 3 small pizzas and a pasta dish and had leftovers for two days.

Back at the camper we took some amazing drone footage that we're uploading to our youtube channel and snapped some pictures. The scenery was so beautiful, we almost couldn't believe we were able to stay there for free.

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Check out the video we made on our YouTube Channel about this place!

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