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Harvest Host: Saucony Creek Brewing Company

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Our first Harvest Host stop and an experience I'll remember for the rest of my life: cornfield fireflies like you've never seen! I've seen fireflies... and I've seen LOTS of fireflies, but I've never seen zillions of fireflies lighting up a cornfield like a globe of twinkling Christmas lights! What an amazing sight.

What will you encounter when you go to Saucony Creek Brewing Company? First, the parking lot is huge and mostly flat. Lots of room to maneuver and park comfortably for probably about 5 or 6 campers of any size.

Checking in is as easy as ordering a beer at the counter; call ahead of time to let them know you're arriving, park in the back by the cornfield and mini garden, and go in and order a drink! They ask you to sign a log book with your Harvest Host member number, then eat the delicious foods and drink the beers. During this time of social distancing, we were seated at the outdoor patio area, which was sparsely covered with sails, but still covered enough to be comfortable in the sun. Our drinks and food came quickly, and we ordered tons of tasty treats to get the full experience.

Mike had the Chicken Burger, which was spicy and so good, I nearly fought him for his plate.

Brennan had the Pineapple Burger, which he said was the best meal of his life. Finn had the Watermelon Salad, which surprisingly did NOT come with watermelon, but he was happy with the strawberries and flavors on the hot day. I had the Fish Tacos which were spicy and delicious and I was happy not to have order envy!

We also ordered the Fries AND the Sweet Potato Fries -- and man, oh, man -- they were BOTH SO DELICIOUS! The regular fries came with horseradish and ketchup, the sweet fries came with a caramel sauce and walnuts. Absolutely incredible, and if you love fries and sweet treats, you'll love this combo!

Beers -- we are IPA fans, so we got a 4-IPA-flight. In the end, we settled with the Unicorn and the Stonefly which were crisp and refreshing. The Noggin was so sweet and creamy, it was almost a dessert. The Double was very hoppy, but a little too much on such a hot day.

Back to the camper with full bellies, we turned on the generator and cooled it down. Sitting outside when the weather cooled in the evening was absolutely perfect, and when the sun went down the cornfield lit up with life.

If you're in the area this place is worth the stop!

Hop over to Harvest Hosts and use our referral link: Hop Pin and Go Harvest Hosts

and be sure to Pin Saucony Creek Brewery to your GO list!

Check out the video we made on our YouTube Channel about this place! Harvest Hosts: The First Three Pins

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Your pictures are stunning!! I would love to see the fireflies. I don't remember ever seeing any. And I'll take a nice bitter pale ale please.

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